1.4.2021 #spaceweather

I’d like to share with you some data I gathered across the internet to reflect the disturbance rate on Earth. First I’d like to share this video I found to show the energy that popped off the Sun the first days of 2021. I had to wait a while to see this data as there was a data delay. Usually that means they’re hiding something but here’s something to appease us 😂🌸✨

I’m seeing the biggest disturbances this last week in the electromagnetic field in Italy,

it seems 0-1500 hertz is being stimulated to -50db or higher if I’m reading things right. This is below audible range but still the red does mean it’s maxing out in the strength factor. Checking the charts around the world it seems Italy is having abnormal and specific stimulation of the low frequency range, which is also in range of brainwaves. Italy are you ok?

another thing I’d like to note is the low stress level of radioactive sites on this site I watch. It looks nearly like world peace! I’ve never seen so much green. I barely check this source but today I got lucky!

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