I will be posting more diary videos on YouTube and Instagram (10/25/21)

Howdy Internet! I turned 28 this Friday and am going to be making more video diary posts because I need to for my own growth too and I want to start a new incentive to make children friendly content and escape all ai prejudice for the new page to have a chance to be a honest fresh born baby in the world.

I also uploaded an entry for today, it was about the upper ocean, Dear Diary: The “Upper Ocean” & Continental Flooding (10.25.2021) https://youtu.be/-ZVZu6b_DwU subscribe to my YouTube and get the notifications on if you want to keep up with that, also the Instagram notification bell, because I want social media to engage in my content I just have you all here as the support so I can keep churning this information out at my sporadic but passionate rate and you all get to join when the fireside is warm and ready for s’mores and reflective conversation. 🔥 ❤️

The Patreon crowd right bow https://www.patreon.com/ascensiondiaries is like my support space for those who want to invest deeper and help me achieve my educational pursuits, people here know I am sporadic but consistently up to something…I appreciate being helped by you and I encourage more investors to jump on board because there’s some really fancy awesome ideas we could make with the right funding coming in. I cannot wait!!

My goals since I’ve started have all come true and I have more goals to reach now with happy hearts!

Let our global endeavors be out of love and give bliss to all passerby,

Much love

Alexis of Ascension Diaries

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Thank you angels! Glad to be here with you 😇💕

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