Instagram Live "Friends Fridayyy"

We like to go live on Instagram and correspond with other light workers who also follow the #schumannresonance to give back and share with the community! is the place we are meeting to chat face to face, and if you aren't already a part of the telegram chat and want to be more *involved* here is the link to that!

Happy April and thank you again to all my supporting members, those monthly mana and Patreon supporters have helped my blog be independently wealthy from any corporate sponsors or platform income. It takes a faithful heart and really cool people who get it and see me. Means the world! So my two cents here, if you want to speak to the world on my platform about something here's your chance friend.

Don't forget about our Meetup on May 24-30 click on image to see details, and find the Google doc... remember it's self led but if enough of us want to meet up on the last day at Forest road 525 for a sky watch/social then reach out!

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