Member Movie Monday!

Thank you for being a member of my site and Patreon, I'm happy to give you another gift today!

This week's movie is the "Legend of Sirius" or the Sea Prince and Fire Child!

Fairy and Star-Child vibes, and for the children and parents out there this movie is rated


In Japanese it's titled "Shiriusu no densetsu" been really feeling the Japanese films lately!

This is story of lovers from different worlds overcoming diversity and staying together using the power of Love. Very calming, sweet, energy, will great visuals and innocent but passionate love. Which is a good vibe!

Here is the free link to the movie on Youtube!

I won't be hosting a movie Zoom room tonight because I am taking the next two days off for recovery, but I certainly want to hear your reviews of this and I wanted to still give you a movie today to keep you company out there in the world <3

I will see you on Whiteboard Wisdom Wednesday Livestream to discuss the film first and then get into the downloads of the week,

Finally here's a peak at the Schumann Resonance on the Russian graphs, it appears there's been a design traced onto the chart, like a stair-step of timed amplitude hikes in specific ascending frequencies. A very peculiar and informative marking on the charts for us nerds...

Much love, Alexis

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