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✨✨Personal Message Delivery!✨✨

✨✨The Revered Recipients✨ Please watch up to 1:25✨ ✨Justin @1:25✨✨Hal @12:50✨✨Jos'b @23:47✨✨Mahlatse @37:47✨ ✨Tessa @52:00✨✨Darren @1:05:30✨✨Astrid @1:13:50✨✨Sam @1:22:40✨✨ ✨ If you'd like to join this group, select ✨ Personal Reading✨ from this webpage and I'll see you next time friend! ✨

✨All funds go to "New Computer Campaign 2021" ✨

✨I have learned that the Computer setup I require for streaming to multiple platforms will cost around 1,400 USD in this economic situation. Some of us wouldn't be financially ruined by this amount and others would lol. It's a crazy world but equal opportunity to internet is an interesting concept too. Up to you!

✨Would you help me achieve a dream?

✨Donations here if you do!


Much love and effervescence to you all friends!

Alexis of Ascension Diaries

Where sharing is caring!

Out here in the wild world of personal growth, getting all the downloads, and glowing up!

I love you all very much, I've been having a good break and healing a lot, especially my legendary skiing sunburn on my face that will live in infamy. Amen & Awoman!

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