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Sedona Vortex Meetup: Bell Rock (Day 1)

Space Weather Update coming later but...My Sedona Vortex Meetup Day 1...We had a great opening ceremony atop Bell Rock with some super star ancient beings, here’s a picture of us barefoot and no sunglasses. ✅

Hi Mom! We love our Mother Earth!

Tomorrow is the full-day adventure at Cathedral rock, hike to the top from 7-11, play in the river at the bottom until the evening when the drum circle happens. Very excited 😍

It’s a free meetup remember so if you’re going to still show up for tomorrow or the rest of the week let me know and I’ll see you at the Cathedral parking lot at 7am sharp to be sure we get a spot before the tourists wake up. The whole schedule is on my website homepage ✅

Bring food for the whole day, bathing suit, and a drum if you can.

Today Mary Magdalene came to visit our sacred circle, we discussed her, Jesus, Mother Mary, and Anna the Grandmother of Jesus. Then we discussed many of the falling outs of the once popular (now faltering) Disclosure community speakers who I’ve personally met and helped to politely dismantle, heal, and replace for the next gen to lead and teach. A blue bird joined our circle and many cactus flowers were abound.

I’m grateful to lead people who I click with, it’s an honor to be your Sedona guide.

We also got a huge Schumann blast that kicked me out of bed to make it to this event on time so maybe tomorrow morning there will be another. 😄

6 more days of vortex fun to go!

We send our love from Bell Rock Sedona today


May 24, 2021

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daniel fulga
daniel fulga


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