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Space Weather Update 3.17.21

Hello again sensitives, do not fret, there is indeed data here to show the Sun and Earth have been experiencing new energies. Please share your symptoms below!

FYI this first graph is from a Russian site.

Those of you wanting to learn more, I have a video class explaining these things in the homepage of my website and YouTube ❤️

Today is the 17th which is a favorite for those of us looking for codes in the great awakening narrative... in Russia during their March 17th before it became March 17th in the Western Hemisphere...the primary Schumann resonance (7.83hz average) reached an amplitude of 17...

The CME I point out coming out the bottom of the Sun on the 16TH was peculiar, the bursts rarely go that direction. That energy arrives and impacts over 3 days time so we are currently in this window.

The lines you see on the chart that seem digital and straight, either horizontal or vertical are likely digitally injected into the environment, that’s my opinion from watching these years. The vertical lines are timed perfectly and aren’t usually there, and the horizontals point to a specific frequency being stimulated isolated from those around it.

I went to the very top of Mount Humphrey, AZ yesterday during a snow storm. This ski resort is controversial to the local tribes since opening because the spirits who live on the mountain. I met some of these spirits and I’ve been waiting to get to the top by training my husband to ski so he could handle the black diamond runs at the top of the ski resort. It’s taken us 3 trips to get to that point in the mountain. So I was very glad to get up there and I nearly didn’t make it because I was so exhausted by the time he felt ready skill-wise to go. But we made it. ✅ Then I had a friend wake up with a dream that I skied with them in Norway and NewYork, so the top of mountains really do open up those portals 😆

I also had a really really intense dream, which I’ll talk about today during our livestream meetup today, about global shifts... it was jarring. If you miss the livestream it’ll be recorded here too ❤️

⭐️See you later!


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Amber Wheeler
Amber Wheeler
18 de mar. de 2021

Would love to hear about the dream sorry I missed it!

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