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1.9.21 #spaceweather

Heads up my Facebook page is on a complete 30 day suspension and my personal Facebook is on a suspension from going live for 30 days... subscribe to my Ascension Diaries Instagram or YouTube to see #church Tomorrow, Facebook doesn't want it.

📝Dear diary, Aloha! I’m pretty sure I dreamt about being on a vacation spot just settling in and seeing old friends.

Yesterday astrologically we transitioned two planets Venus and Mercury into new signs and energies, had a kickass sunset while military helicopters and craft flew around, and we watched the last Lord of the Rings finally slaying Sauron and taking the ship with the elves, wizard, and hobbits into other lands.

🌟This morning I woke and saw that finally I’m seeing a decent sized reading on the Russian 0-40hz Electromagnetic spectrum monitor, and the Italian one but less potent. is 24 hours behind so we will have to check back tomorrow.

☀️Solar weather also didn’t disappoint thankfully and I recorded multiple cme (coronal mass ejections) the last 72 hours. This indicates many things. I’m now understanding the sun to be like a giant chakra above our heads, and when it bursts, a part of us does too! Where have you been feeling the most shifts in your own chakras?

The solar wind from these bursts if aimed right will impact us within 3 days but we are already in that window from the blast on the 6th and the controlled chaos from the 6th that happened. ie, the finalizing of the crime of stealing an election. People say the mounting evidence being denied by the criminals is the downfall of the shadow

government control. The citizens at a high enough % have consented to this shift and we shall see what happens.

📲Please visit this post on my website blog if you’re moving away from social media, or want to keep up with me if social media does massive shifts.



Much love and respect from your #multidimensional #galactic #ambassador, #empathic #psychic #Earth #guardian, #space #weather and #global #social shifts monitor...

🌹Alexis of @ascensiondiaries

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