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2.18.21 #SpaceWeatherUpdate

🧚‍♀️Wakey wakey!

The Resonance is finally showing me what I’ve been waiting to see, I’ve gotten calls from some of my grounded sisters out there because they knew I could help explain their madness... one of them even told me today we exit Mercury retrograde!

How to read and understand my chart interpretation is on the homepage of my website, a whole class sponsored by my myself and the website members.

The Schumann resonances are spectral peaks between 0.3-60hz, the peaks this Russian location measures are roughly at 7.83hz, 14hz, 21hz, and 24hz. This colorful chart clearly isn’t just pin pointing those frequencies, it shows an amplitude increase across 0-30hz over about 7 hours, starting around 12am (UTC-6) Sedona time, and is still going to 6pm.

The incoming energies from the February 16, 17th, 18th Solar CME (coronal mass ejections) is scheduled to land 20TH and 21st.

Help me fundraise for a new computer so I can keep streaming! My computer is dying! I have $160/1000 currently for the equipment upgrade. My goal is to raise it by March! 💖

✍️Dear Diary,

I went alone into the world of commerce and parking lots to gather supplies for another few weeks at the house. Water (with mineral drops), Food, Dead Sea Salt Bath, Magnesium, Cardinal&YlangYlang, Rose&Vanilla essential oils. I came home and wrote out most of the plan for the May Sedona Gridwork Meetup. It’ll be May 24th-30th formally where we will meet at 7 locations across 7 days. You will care for your own needs and bring your own equipment for the gridwork/vortex points we will attend. There is bonus locations for each day for the busy bodies. We will organically gather. Tenting to Airbnb mansions, whatever you prefer, just meet at the spots when you feel called but I’ll be there at scheduled times. Sign up to my website mailing list to keep up with the event info. More formal details will soon be ready. The most informal gathering of the most magical potential, let your spirits lead you...

If you’re feeling symptoms of these changes please share them in the comments for those who are new and experienced 🏄💖 #surfsup


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