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Strange Space Weather In Now

Earth is buzzing different🐝❤️

These charts show amplitude shifts of 0-40hz over time.

2nd image is the first 4 frequencies of the #schumannresonances and their undulating behaviors over time.

Usually pretty stable, this blast sped those all up a tiny bit, they’ve since settled.

Q factor is about efficiency of the energy it’s also going up but I understand this one the least.

I rarely see these tracking green and orange remains behind a white blast of amplitude. These shifts in amplitude aren’t major when you scale it to the rest of our world but the key is that they’re endemic to Earth and our own nervous system so we naturally attune with these subtle changes. That’s what I understand anyways from the research.

Don’t panic when you see “55” amplitude of the primary Schumann resonance which chills around 7.83hz but also makes a scale of notes being 14hz, 21hz, 23hz, and a few more roughly. Earth’s ground to ionosphere cavity makes it’s own music all day when the solar wind is hitting us.

It’s these explosive looking changes that we track because you feel them.

I’ve seen the primary frequency read an amplitude 190 back in March 19 2018, and everyone was fine to my knowledge…

so we can take it,

but the length of time and the sudden shifts do cause more symptoms.

Be weary the last 8 hours have been very different!

-A @ascensiondiaries (follow on Instagram)

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