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LIVE IN 24HRS: Friends Fridayyy (Space Weather & Commentary)

Thank you friend for signing up to my mailing list, I intend to livestream about the current space weather including the S1 Radio blackout that happened around 1am my time today.

I find directly after big flares I tend to need rest. I had a fabulous mood today though, looking forward to chilling with you tomorrow at 5:30PM Mountain time,

(7:30pm Eastern, 4:30 Pacific, 6:30 Central)

Pick your preferred viewing platform below (Youtube, Facebook, or Dlive) and hit the reminder button to up your chances on joining in. Thanks for subscribing here to my site, and let's enjoy some space weather and friendly commentary together as we do so well! Cheers dears!

-Alexis Rose

p.s. If you haven't yet followed my tiktok, please consider it, I'm very close to being able to stream there too, I intend to keep going and streaming to platforms that I get good feedback on.

My Dlive Account Feed

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