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2.3.21 Space Weather Update

#schumannresonance Has been actively stimulating our brainwaves between the Delta to Beta or 0.3-25hz range according to Russia. Hitting a max amplitude so far of 36 around 12AM PST. Currently the blast is 7 hours long and began around 10PM PST (gmt-7) February 2 and is still going at 4 AM February 3.

Italy seems to be showing the opposition by having extremely quiet readings. An unexpected response.

Global coherence has been in the green the whole blast seen in Russia.

Most equator countries and south into Africa are being impacted the most by charged particles.

January 30, 31, and February 1st show evidence of CME activity on the sun which is why we are seeing disturbance here 3 days in.

February began with a surge of solar wind coming in over the average speed and on February 2nd the levels reached a mid level geomagnetic storm according to the K-index.

Currently there’s a equatorial coronal hole on the sun disk which may continue the heightened solar wind stream.

Take it easy as this will likely be felt in the body and emotions.

I personally had a lovely day of meditation yesterday and when this blast came in I had an emotional upset with my dog/child Apollo and I’ve been struggling with my heart and mind but seeing the blast makes it less personal. 😭 pit bulls are so emotionally sensitive and I’m heartbroken that I lost his trust. I’ll be working to earn it back all day today. Wishing you better luck and I’ll see you at my Whiteboard Wednesday Livestream today! Hit the notification bell on Instagram and YouTube to catch it. Facebook is still blocking my livestreams.

As always, happy to be of service and spread the word!


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