2.6.21 Space Weather Update

Aloha Earth dwelling beings!

I’m being alerted of multiple sources showing over average stimulation of atmospheric frequencies.

🔺The KIndex is currently showing Red or KP5 level geomagnetic disturbance.

🔺Aurora forecasts are optimistic.

🔺The Schumann Resonance charts over Russia seem to be capturing the slow frequencies getting an amplitude boost which could cause more restful brains.

🔺The Sun has multiple coronal holes facing Earth, solar wind is up, and it appears to be caused in part by the extra ejecta coming out through one strong CME on February 3, and a few bonus burps on February 4, and 5th.

Tomorrow I do the weekly video roundup and next weeks weather prediction, and I will be hosting #Church on all my streaming platforms.

Personally hoping to ride this wave into a relaxing and regenerating slumber to heal up from my sick days this past week.

Keep your eyes open to see how long this storm will last in our geomagnetic field, and I’ll see you in the morning surfers!

Much love,

🌹Alexis @ascensiondiaries

#schumannresonance #geomagneticstorm #stormconditions

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