24 Hr SCHUMANN Blast & Crypto, Doge, Flare, XRP, & GameStop conversation


My husband Jayse is going live today to share his Perspective BUT NO FINANCIAL ADVICE on the booming World Economy topics of the Last 48 hours. Jayse has caught the wind of this shift a few months before this went down and has done mountains of intensive and intuitive research into the world of crypto, finances, and trading. The old world of finances is decaying and in it‘s place already we see swift and strong trees of new financial foundation for humanity coming from the rot of the old system, taking the nutrients and healing the Earth. I see hearts opening. Which to me is the qualifications of my ascension attention.

We saw the energy surge in the #schumannresonance range from the Tomsk Russia resource, when this GameStop topic breached the social media circuit! Just another occurrence out of many which is why we watch for the whiteouts as guardians! In my opinion 🙏

Here’s proof that the wave is not yet over, it simply cooled off for a bit but never really ended, allowing us here to sleep, I filmed https://youtu.be/fFLvy3T0Gyk right before bed, 11 hours ago now, when it was slowing down. We are now in the 24 hour range of this energy surge in these precious brainwave tickling electromagnetic frequencies.

Now my question to the fellow scientists out there, would you consider this observation evidence of “ion avalanche”?

Why does it make me feel so good? I want more? That’s why we are here people. Thanks to my loyal readers and now allies who have helped me move into sovereign land on the internet!

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