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3.21.21 Space Weather Sunday

Going live tonight at 9PM PST to go deeper into the Space Weather of the Equinox and discuss the Q-Factor of Physics

Helping me share the streams and videos I do to groups on your chosen social media's is the best way you can help me right now, if you don't watch but want to support and spread the word I'm ready to take it on!

Sending so much love and gratitude for you, I'm getting back on my feet after the wipe out of social media sensoring. What a ride! I'm having fun, and there's currently more Schumann resonance specific amplitude coming in, align with the Earth frequency, we got this! See you at the live stream I'll also be on Facebook, Twitch and Dlive, I need help!

Ready to report on duty :D

Your helper and defender,

Alexis of Ascension Diaries

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