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3.28.21 Space Weather Sunday

My Sources and Crowd Funding can be found in here! Click me:​ This is created in collaboration with 1FootN5D's Youtube show with Alara and Foil called Space Force News that airs 6PM PST every Sunday! After their show tonight around 8PM PST I will go live to discuss and answer questions about this week's readings!

PLEASE SHARE & Check my links to see the sources! Tonight @8PM PST approximately, we will be going live on Youtube, Facebook, Twitch, and DLive, to discuss in depth the space weather from this last week and what data we can share together. I forgot to mention it's the Libra full moon tonight so we are in good hands! I will also be live on instagram but only so you know where the actual stream is! Also please follow me on TikTok so I can start streaming into that realm and share this content there too! Much love to you and if you have questions and you're new please visit my website and watch the video on the homepage to get my Module 1 course on this content and study, or go to my streams to ask questions, or DM me because I chat all day with you guys about all this content and more! Please consider becoming a monthly donator, all my work is funded by people like you and I do need more support at this time! Have a great Sunday! See you next time!

Alexis of​ A study of space weather and psychology utilizing public sources and feedback relating to space weather and earth atmospheric and ground EMF phenomena

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