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4.17.21 Space Weather Update

April 17, 2021 #spaceweatherupdate

⛈#geomagneticstorm ☀️Large

⛈#schumannresonance ✅Amp:49


☀️Sun in ♈️Aries

🌙Moon in ♊️Gemini

Welcome to lucky 17 of the month, we often have space weather on this day of the month and we have this gorgeous storm to share! The theme of this last week’s Wisdom Wednesday Live was “Rage Ceremonies” and “Dragons” and we are encouraging you always to clear and process these storms with us!

Please share below anything you’d like to add into today’s diary, and if you haven’t already signed up for my telegram or email list...check it out! Good for storm warnings like this 🚩

We love the storms and waves we watch, each are a gift and can reach us so much! #stormwatchers

These moments on #spaceshipearth are always memorable moments in life, cherish them, save them, and enjoy the dance of the heavens on Earth with us on team internet and in your local community 😄🌟

You know where to find my data if you want it, ill be here 😇💎

Much love as always!

Alexis of @ascensiondiaries

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