6.8.21 Space Weather Update

June 8, 2021 #spaceweather

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Welcome Earthlings and approved guests, I’m Alexis the Space Weather Watcher of @ascensiondiaries and today we see the 4th day of heightened amplitude on the Russian Schumann Resonances tracker.

Italy is also showing heightened activity over the last few days so this data is decently strong.

The primary Schumann Resonance or Earth Resonance frequency averages around 7.83hz (hz = rotations per second) according to the internet.

The amplitude of this frequency is what we study here as when it gets more intense there’s an effect in the population.

7.83hz falls right in the window between theta and alpha brainwaves for humans. That soft vibrant visual meditation state. Pretty darn beautiful to know that such a state of mind is the constant hum of our planet’s atmosphere charge from constant solar wind reaching and grounding into the Earth cavity via lighting strikes.

We follow when the sun is sending faster and larger amounts of energy due to it’s natural cycles because it will increase the amplitude of our planet’s electrical circuit.

4 days in a row of these heightened readings shows me that when the Russian station rotates away from the sun during the night, and then back towards the sun, there’s more stimulation of our Ionosphere.

Geomagnetic pressure is when our planet’s magnetic field condenses around Earth due to outside pressure from cosmic radiation, usually from the Sun. This condensing sensation can also condense our own bodies electromagnetic field, causing introspection and bodily discomfort sometimes.

These are details I’ve gathered over years of observation and I leave room to be mistaken or incorrect about these understandings, which I recommended we do for all posts about numbers and data. As it’s very easy to manipulate or misunderstand these sources.

Happy to read your own observations of your body, mind, spirit, dreams, and premonitions in the comments. Please also ask any questions and I’ll do my best to help!

Much love,

Alexis @ascensiondiaries

Helper and Defender of Life

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