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August 13 Quieter than August 12 ☀️🔥

So as you can see August 12 (yesterday) over Italy and their equipment we saw quite a lovely influx of amplitudes in the very low frequencies of Earth’s atmospheric music. In the range of 0-50hz which is shown by each of these squares, lies our own brainwave playground.

People flood to my page on these days because their brainwaves start to feel like a playground, despite their routines, and that alerts them to environmental potentials. They check my telegram group chat or the raw data themselves and bam, there’s usually something to show there was an atmospheric disturbance.

The way I explain it is a bit wordy but the vocabulary is meant to help you begin speaking on this too.

When amplitudes (of the frequencies naturally in our environment) get really intense, so do we as walking talking antennas for these frequencies.

Today is quieter in Italy (photo 1 top right square), and Russia (as seen in photo 2)

Take a well deserved break, the energy bath seems to be pulling back but the results in our society are showing up today for sure. There was a few CME’s yesterday too, check my Instagram for that video replay 😘

Space force enthusiasts are well informed 👑

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Much love,

Alexis @ascensiondiaries

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