🌸Ceremony Saturdays @1PM PST

Hi beautiful creatures of Earth and beyond,

We are gathering on Saturdays now to do a clearing and resetting group ceremony for the weekly well-being of our lives!

Of course we will converse after and have tea, but I really will do a crystal bowl sound clearing, smudging, intention setting and love bursts to creation, and read something smart from a sacred text, because I enjoy it!

If you want to participate in these ceremonies please do consider a monthly donation to my site or Patreon <3 https://linktr.ee/ascensiondiaries

Livestreams are now Scheduled for 1PM PST Saturday's and 7PM PST Wednesdays

on Facebook, Youtube, or Instagram

This livestream will follow my husband, Jayse's livestream which you can watch at 11AM PST

We've decided to make Saturday's our Streaming Day, we both have our skills and styles but want to share and help where we can! Thank you for subscribing and helping us share these good vibes as usual!

So much love and hard work,

Your friends,

Alexis and Jayse!

Visit our combined site for more details too...


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