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Current Space Weather Update

April 30, 2021

🤍Hello surfers, we’ve been in smooth waters the last few days but now we have witnessed a large #CME coronal mass ejection leave the Sun April 29, and April 30. This will rain information on our planet the next 3 days.


There was a gorgeous amplitude episode in the Russian 0-40hz chart.

The primary Schumann resonance averages around 7.83hz, its famous, but during this amplitude episode it surged to an amplitude of 75 and dropped in frequency, actually making it slower than average. Slower but louder, do you see? Strange right? Be careful when you hear “the frequencies of Earth are rising” because there’s evidence of slowing during these spikes I can show you over the years. To make the frequency slower I image the cavity of the ground to ionosphere would have to get slightly larger or more dense to make the rotations per second slower.

What do you think?

I’m still learning atmosphere electrical physics so don’t come for me but the line of logic here has helped me discover so many patterns and properties of frequency in our environment.

Dear diary,

I was prompted late April 29 with a second boost energy to complete and release my May 2021 event “Sedona Vortex Meetup” on my site, while this spike peaked around 12am into April 30, I went to sleep. Waking after this blast to two very lucid dream experiences after over a month of no dream recall. One vision was a building unexpectedly falling forward toward me (but at a distance of a city block) and collapsing, the other was me flying toward the sun to intercept a solar flare while I went through a portal. Yes you read that right. I felt it ripple through my body in a lucid state. Was fun! My guide flying with me was very encouraging.

Now it’s your turn. The data I gather is public so please share your observations that occurred during this time to continue waking up people who find my content.

I love you!!

I’ll be posting a lot today, thanks for joining the email list and telegram chat 🤍

See you again soon!


Alexis the Guardian 😇


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