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☀️Energy Update: Mon. June 27.

I’m doing a rare article to contact you and move you to my Patreon to get better updates: Image 1: I’ve not seen the magnetosphere make this shape often... Seems like our magnetic field is putting on quite a show!

Earth’s resonances are very active, more amplitude than average for sure the last 2 days.

Image 2: Yesterday (according to Russian) the primary #schumannresonance hit an 80 max amplitude and today an 87.

Amplitude is likely measured on those Russian charts in nano Tesla (nt)

Because Tesla wants to be in my life every day now. I think may “ know” him better than I admit to myself. 369

Image 3: Italian charts are also showing the extremely-low frequency (ELF) moments of earth’s resonances being stimulated. Amplitude activity seen between 0-50hz.

Image 2&3: Both Russian and Italian experienced a brief data blackout or deletion about 10-20 hours ago.

Image 4: The Geomagnetic field of earth measured with the KP index also has been showing increased and sustained pressure on our fields.

Image 2: Earth resonance amplitude makes me active and wanting to do outings and chores.

Image 4: Coinciding geomagnetic pressure though, pushes me down and makes me feel heavy.

I literally don’t understand what the first picture is REALLY telling us but it’s the current look, so let’s play.

Q: What do you see?

I don’t write my articles here anymore so please Follow the steps here to get to my PATREON:

Love to you and yours, today is a special Moon-day

(Moon in GEMINI currently)

I had two early morning psychic experiences that were newer and awesome!

😘 -A

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