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Italian Amplitude Increase

Hello Cumiana Italy data...

Seems like Italy the last day has been picking up higher than normal amplitude of the 0-16000hz range they like to measure.

Different locations will pick up different amplitudes and depending on whether it’s day or night these things ebb and flow.

I don’t get as technical with this resource because it measures such a wide range of frequencies, but I do like it because it offers actual units of measurement for amplitude. In this case it’s decibels. All the times I’ve seen amplitude peaks the energy doesn’t go above 0 decibels though, it’s below 0 by 20 or 40. Showing the lack of power compared to other noises in our environment but it doesn’t seem to matter if we can physically hear these things, we are much more sensitive than we are led to believe growing up.

My followers who live near Italy always seem to know when this is going off and have symptoms to show for it.

Now that’s cool, and is what has kept me on this job for many years. Humans are truly very perceptive, and that innate power is something I want to stoke and encourage. Heightened senses and perception is how we evolve into telepathic people, and in this life you and I will have many more experiences like this if my study is proving what it seems to be.

There’s many religions who have discussed this time in Earth’s cycles. I’m just here to see it in the moment through the lens of atmospheric EMF amplification and human response 🥰💕

I’m an Ascension nerd, who also needs to get her own proof because I’m tired of listening to others 😆

Happy surfing 🏄 ☀️

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