Jan 2-6 #SpaceWeather

January 2-6 (currently 3:54pm mdt utc-6) #spaceweatherupdate <follow tag on Instagram

also #spaceweather is blowing up rn the scales are tipping!

☀️ This is my diary about potentially entering the photon belt & symptoms of solar emissions.


YouTube won’t let me title this but hey, my dad was in the ER today because his heart was so uncomfortable. He’s a healthy man so we are checking in on space weather! Please do share your testimony and help my research out if you want 🙏☀️ #spaceweather

https://youtu.be/ZyjMv_nu0uk If you want to know more about these charts

I do have classes on my YouTb channel

Ascension Diaries.

My site has that info or you can message me for it. I’ve updated my website so please do let me know how it looks. I do this all myself since 2014 and it’s a passion but I’m a bit messier than most 😂

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I enjoy my time but I’ve experienced fatigue, I am working up to more vitality with this diary. I want to do a livestream so badly, this week I should get to, I also will be receiving some sessions from friends Who are helping me deal with and clear some heavy feelings. Much appreciated my beloved universal sisters and brothers, you are my muse!

I love my life and glad to be here!

Enjoy 💕 - IG: @ascensiondiaries

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