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Jan 7. Planetary Receptivity on KP-Index?

I’ve heard..During conditions of low K INDEX or low geomagnetic pressure from solar wind, our protective field of Earth becomes more permeable to Cosmic Radiation from beyond our star.

Cosmic Radiation categorically is the fastest EMF on the basic scales. Public science is fun because what is publicly true is often mostly the truth…with omitted details.

Curiosity is for our generation to enjoy with social media at our fingertips, so!

Have you any evidence of perceiving heightened cosmic radiation? I’ve been feeling the pleidian vibe the last few days, and been in my most magnetic and resting mode of hormones. I feel my body is mimicking this planet’s slow receptiveness. I’ve aimed to not explode electrically, and finding success in mastering the redirection my internally flaring emotions.

I also feel like the Julien calendar and the Holiday today of Easter Orthodox Christmas and whatever else, yesterday and today’s events signifes the importance of these last two days in the calendar of Earth. I’m releasing to you all my own calendar by Chinese New Year because I have been moved by the big cats!

The year of the Tiger signifies bold command over your own terrain to me, and I am going to take back my own calendar and lead Earth better. I know I can and I invite you to join my email list to get that release detail.

It will be printable from home and low color to be environmentally friendly and understood as a piece to write and make your own too. All that will be the same are the 4 annual parties we Earthlings can enjoy with the fey and fauna, the equinoxes and solstices. Then I’m adding a monthly theme that’s family friendly so we can all have a better vibe but not miss out on the fun of our old realms too. The Healthy Earth is balanced and honest, we create it now. Please don’t think your project has to wait, we are inspired because we are meant to make it when it’s made, no matter those around you, all creations are divine and important 💕 step aside and let the miracles fly!

Much love!

Look up #geomagnetic field, k-index or KP-index, and look up #cosmic radiation on #consciousness.

☀️💕 @ascensiondiaries #spaceweather

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1 opmerking

Hi Alexis! I’m feeling unease, full body detox symptoms…. Not sick, but like a flood gate opened and now my body needs to upgrade…. I’m up against my resistance to stop my life and take the time I need to recalibrate ❤️ ~Juls,

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