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January 22, 2021(Facebook Deleted Me)

Few other notes:

1.Facebook told me I had 30 days before my account was permanently disabled and I am not allowed an option to argue it due to the Community Guidelines. We shall see what happens but this is pushing my Instagram audience and Youtube Audience to get on my website to keep track of the content I make.

2.Thank you for joining here and sharing this site and these reports with people you like.

Please click the Youtube notification bell to know when I'm live or join the Telegram channel.

3. Thank you for joining the website membership mana program, the big reach on facebook has ended and I appreciate the coins you can toss my way on our journey through the forest here. If you don't have your monthly mana membership yet find the gold coin on the top of the website! I made it fun <3

See you on the next update! I love you!!


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