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🌎Large Data Disruption

Since my video Space Weather Update this last Sunday the 21st we were waiting for a large CME that exited the sun to wash over Earth on Tuesday, the 23. I personally didn’t want to look at the charts yesterday, the fateful Tuesday. I couldn’t resist an article from that showed us the wave we were expecting was edited and looked entirely different. The theory of her discovery was evidence of timeline shifts, and I agree in a way. When you change the data even if it’s a lie the timeline of how this even rolled out in the collective mind has been changed. Those who are passionate understand but those who are in need of a wake up call, it’s these moments that prolong the confusion.

I then witnessed today another huge data blackout on the Russian Schumann resonance charts...

February 23-24th blackout for 20hours

Dear diary, I’m hoping to know and share the truth about our planetary environment, because it’s becoming obvious that theres’s more questions 🌈💖

Alexis, February 24, 2021

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