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March 12, 2021

🖊Dear #schumannresonance dairy,

What is this stuff about the vertical pulses Russia?

Do I have to ask these questions on Instagram because this SR website doesn’t seem to accept contact..

Please hear my plea and answer the question. Why when the lines are not on can I function so well and feel no pain, but as soon as they begin I can barely move? Pain, soreness, lethargy, laziness.

I really want to know if this is the way to help people, and make the world a better place?

I’ve made a diary about this chart because I feel so connected to it and it helps me navigate my sensitivities.

It would help if we could be more transparent about data because there’s many of us here watching, filled with questions and wielding our own experiential evidence..

As we are one I’d like to rejoin your thread of information, in an organic and respectful way 🍵🫖

How is it my day was scheduled with this blast and I was asking for it to come but instead I witness the long lines of beep boops simply halt for 3 hours, starting at my plumbing appointment and the PLUMBER never showed up.

So I was uninterrupted as I nervously cleaned my kitchen/entryway, to a point of all new clean organized shelves, food, and counters. I cooked a meal and cleaned most of the dishes in the house, but I became weary all of the sudden, and stopped cleaning...

Been laying down, stretching, and watching sponge bob while I daydream... unproductively...

I’m even writing this glued to the bed.

I checked the solar weather stuff and say nothing special, the SR primary frequency did blast to 46 at 8pm Mountain time yesterday, March 11. March 11 was an anniversary of Fukushima Stunami, sending love!

Yours truly,


📣Energies are wobbling but we stay the course and eat our snacks. Happy friends Friday my doods 👋😇❤️

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1 Comment

Anni Howard
Anni Howard
Mar 13, 2021

Yeah hey what the heck

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