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Pokemon Nostalgia on Tarot Tuesday & Retreat this January 10-14 in Sedona!

Hi there beautiful creature,

If you're a paying supporter on this website or my you have heard already that...

TUES OCT 26 (today) on

at 6:30PM PST

I will be going LIVE with a bag of nostalgic Pokemon cards that haven't been sorted in YEARS that we found in Jayse's things. I'll start with a normal reading and then enjoy the fun cards next.

This is actually a running joke I saw on TikTok but I thought it could literally work for us.

The plan is you join the live and interpret meaning with me from the mysterious card flips. I'll be pointing the camera at the cards closely so we can reveal together what "message" these beasties are sharing with us.

I'm going to have fun and this is the most social thing I've done for fun around my birthday that was on Friday so come along if you want to get a unique message and you're tired of boring ol Tarot cards :P

Side note: I have been working still on the new Oracle Decks I'm making, one is messages and one is about ancestors

If you don't understand this humour don't worry, this is my diary so you're just sharing in the random things I want to create and play with for expansion of overall creative energies. Carry on and please do join me for a random message, I'll post the replay on Youtube and post it on the blog too for later use.

So much love to ya!

Alexis of Ascension Diaries, Divine Sovereign Beings, & The Great Family of Light Gathering

Latest Retreat Information:

There's 3 rooms left for our January 10-14

Sedona Dome Mansion, on 7 Acres, by the Creek, Retreat!

We plan to have a relaxing and fun time with a group of you during 2022 1.11, just to set some good intentions and get ready for the spring time!

email to come to this event, we have payment plans, and super easy going attitude. This is for friends and we treat it like so! Soul fam forever and ever.

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