Recent CME Solar Ejection

Wait for it...

Very recently 6.9.21 the sun ejected a decently large “Coronal Mass Ejection” or CME

We’re nearly at the hours of solar eclipse and the codes are on their way, perhaps more throughout the night and into the day tomorrow, but I knew this was coming ☀️🌎

I look forward to the readings when I wake up tomorrow!

To see it burst out opposite sides of the sun shows me quite the potent pressure release from this one❤️

I’ve heard that the network between stars is also how energy is fed and disbursed, through the stars amongst the universe. The cosmic web. I’ve also heard we are moving through a photon belt which is causing the Sun and our solar system to be processing more environmental energy than usual. These great cycles aren’t hard to imagine, and this study of my blog has been to see if these theories are true. I simply offer these thoughts to you now to feel into and ponder. I don’t need to claim anything because the truth will show itself without my help, but how to see or feel it requires a certain view point, a priming of the instrument. I’ve been primed and now I study. I enjoy what I do and I think you do too!

Happy to observe with you and discuss these things without fear or ego consuming us. There’s a divine alignment to witness around us and happen through us already so I just engage it my way here and now.

I love those big bursting CME’s, it could be compared to a burp but in my opinion it’s more of divine life juice if you know what I mean. We all are born from a divine masculine burst of matter and energy. A thing of beauty to be on the Mother Earth and receive the life force with her and cultivate it into new form.

I witnessed many times today the raw form of the divine feminine human and it’s showing me this raw receptive and celebratory state of the maiden and mother. We receive and explode together over and over.

So poetic I know, but that’s me!

So much greatness to behold and remind us of life’s cycles.

Much love!


Helper and defender of life!

#solarsystem #earthfocus

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