Russian Blackout! (1/5/22)

⚡️ Guess who’s back from black? More choppy spectrogram #schumannresonance data from Tomsk Russia… a shadow of what it was for us in 2017! 🎻 🎶

Chop out the sections that are too alarming and let the noodles fall back into slumber…?

I could barely look at the charts during this blackout, and now that things are moving on all the data from my other sources are also showing very slow and low levels of #spaceweatherupdate

Another storm passed and more to come as 2022 rolls in. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Get with the #astrology you guys for real, it’s really hard to censor astrology but they tried so be sure to watch sidereal and tropical, and heck to Mayan and more if you can.

Grow many systems to cross check, because public science ones especially love to just shut-her-down when it get’s ‘too spicy’ lately.

I have a class on interpreting these charts, see my bio to the free video! If you can’t find it let me know ❤️ these days I mostly teach how things are being censored with this chart, because I would be covering the data buuuuuuut I can’t.

The blackouts wake people up too. Everyone loves an obvious scandal 🤷🏼‍♀️✅ makes them feel pretty clever!

Don’t let fear control data disclosure, feed it to those who really care! We will be gentle with it and be grateful for the opportunity 👌❤️ thanks God 🙏

I’m literally exploding with information and ideas so I need to go live soon and deliver it out there. Stay tuned!

🍃🌸love, Alexis @ascensiondiaries

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