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Schumann Blast 6.6.21

June 6, 2021

The world is definitely different!

The Russian ELF spectrogram and Amplitude chart are showing evidence of heightened potency of our Earth’s atmosphere to ground vibrations. Specifically what they call the Schumann resonance but it’s the Earth’s first and forever lol.

Schumann is just the lucky one to be attached to it!

7.83hz is this constant hum in the extremely low frequency range (ELF) how loud it gets depends on how much energy is grounding down from space via lightning, according to Wikipedia/NASA.

This frequency stays pretty much the same. It’s the volume behind it, like turning up the song of earth, that causes us to feel different in my opinion from researching this for about 5 years now.

Please avoid the hype of “frequency is rising” and try “the amplitude is up today”

Or “Earth’s song is loud today” perhaps for those artsy people like me 😄⚡️

I hold space for this concept to be scientifically understood and then broadened into expanded understanding of the mechanics of the cosmos and our planet as a whole. We live in a frequency bath but the Earth and Sun really dictate a lot of that. Play Solfeggio frequencies in your home if you want to heal and realign in more beautiful organic resonance. They’re available on all platforms for music now!

Solfeggio is a divine fractal mathematic scale, in my understanding. I’ve used them so many times to help align my chaos.

I love when the Schumann resonances/Earth Resonances get loud because I feel better. I feel more aligned in my body. Now they’re quieting down and I already feel less enlivened.

See my next post to look at what the Sun is and has been sending our way, to stimulate our planet like a bell being struck.

There’s a simplicity to this but there’s also those taking this deeply in the esoteric who don’t even know how to read the charts they’re posting. It’s ok, that’s why I’m here, everyone lives in these frequencies so all our perspectives hold truths. I love everyone’s rights to share their perspective 🤍☀️🌎

All your observations/questions can go in the comments to help us all converse and learn about this!

Much love!!

Alexis of @ascensiondiaries

Defender and helper of life 😇

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