Schumann Data Blackout

August 5th with honorable mention to the 6th & 7th...Tomsk Russia #schumannresonance public data site was not available to me and seems like all of you too. I’m having issues with a couple smaller resources of mine today as well. BUT! I joke because these sites owe me nothing really but my personal blog and study does suffer with these shut downs from the resource I’m studying.

August 5th now reads around a 25 hour blackout, August 6th had some visible data of amplitude events, and august 7th also reads data missing for about 1 hour.

The amplitude events missing from this chart is what my mind begins to ask, usually symptoms spike during amplitude events, but sometimes during super quiet periods too.

I do watch the solar weather to predict these amplitude events and there was some data to show there was CME’s during these times, but with the data...timing is sometimes hard to get right.

Sources are here and scroll down:

I’m not a pro at this science but I’m consistently sharing about it to learn at my pace, I recommend you do that too. Spiritual development is important too!

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People flood to my blog during these shutdowns of the site because they know something is up, we all check our copy of the Russian website or the app and see it’s not functioning which is suspicious because the reason people are checking is because they FEEL SYMPTOMS. People recognize their own space weather symptom cues and check the data to see if that’s indeed the case.

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