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Schumann Resonance Update

May 1, 2021

Happy May, an auspicious amplitude spike in the slow and subtle frequencies of 0-40hz over Russia occurred fresh this morning.

6-7 AM PST we saw the primary Schumann resonance frequency slow down slightly but amplify to a 77!

Over Italy there was also a recent jump in amplitude.

See my post from yesterday to see the CME from April 29, and 30. This may be the very reason we are seeing these waves now.

My work is my opinion so please take this with that understanding 🤍

The geomagnetic pressure on Earth is seems decently calm so the symptoms from this may not be as difficult on your system,

but I’d like to know more how this one felt, also how you felt yesterday if you haven’t shared yet!

If you haven’t heard about my May 24-30 Sedona Vortex Meetup, come on down and join us as we engage with the sacred sites and have a nice time! Message me for details or go to site’s homepage, link in bio or

Much love as always!

😇Alexis @ascensiondiaries

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