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Solar Ejections 6.6.21

6.6.21 #SolarWeather 🔥☀️

Here’s the latest video on the ejections from the Sun. Obviously there’s wavelengths of light not captured here but what we can see is expressions on the 4th and 5th and 6th in varying degrees of intensity.

Coronal mass ejections (CME’s) are one of the main causes of our Earth’s frequency shifts, in my opinion from the research I’ve personally done here. The solar flares are less common but they’re more powerful so they establish their presence in more noticeable ways. There hasn’t been many strong flares the last week, but the CME’s do keep rolling out.

Solar wind is the constant stream of solar energy hitting earth which averages

400km/s but these larger ejections can add to that constant stream and make our bodies feel different!

A natural instinct when the sun is too intense is to seek shelter from direct sunlight. Some even move underground!

Life on Earth has developed coping mechanisms for this constant stimulation change, don’t fret just enjoy your heightened conscious ability to THINK about these things and reflect on how they impact your life.

Each CME you see leaving takes around 3 days to fully come and go past Earth. Solar flares are much much faster, so get Space Weather Live the app and it’ll warn you when one popped off. We get about “8 minutes” before light from the sun reaches Earth. But if you know the quantum mechanics, you’ll understand that time is a secondary priority. Trust your bodies the most. They know and feel more than we are lead to believe. This research can train you to be in alignment with the cosmos. Pretty helpful for a planet entering into galactic community. Enjoy the ufo disclosure, I’ll be here watching things fly into the Sun and it explode during events like eclipses and wonder when we’ll know more about that management team lol

Thanks Angels!

Much love everyone,

Alexis of @ascensiondiaries

(Helper and Defender of life)

Space Weather enthusiasts unite!


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