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Space Weather Update

4.1.21 #spaceweatherupdate #schumannresonance with @ascensiondiaries of (sign up to my mailing list to stay in touch, trust me)


Energy is shifting friends!

How was yesterday?

I did a 4 hour livestream so I know it was decent levels of good vibes! The green line of the Schumann resonances or the 4th frequency is really going off these days with huge readings and numbers. Amplitude of 102 and Whatever 25hz is meant to do I think it’s helping me pull out of a depression! That’s higher beta brainwave area, into gamma area, getting stuff done and thinking really fast and clearly for tasks at hand is part of the mood of those brainwaves in my opinion from what I’ve read. What do you think?

There was apparently a solar diving object seen from the Lasco 2 satellite and moments later we see a coronal mass ejection shoot out from the right side of the sun, the spinning away from us side, I’ll upload a video of that next...

I love keeping up with space weather and I love live-streaming with you wise smart people. We have fun, I thrive on making people smile, think, relate, and laugh. 💜

It’s a good life! Let’s enjoy these good vibes and send love to those who are feeling this in a less pleasurable way 🙏🌸

Comments, likes, shares, help the page get to it’s own audience, I command Instagram and Facebook and YouTube to release all bans on my account and allow millions of viewers!

💖Much love,

🌸Alexis, defender & helper of humanity

🧙‍♀️Space Weather Sage and Psychologist

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Marie McNeill
Marie McNeill
Apr 01, 2021

This stuff is so interesting to me, even though I'm still not able to understand the specifics of it yet. Yesterday was actually a really great day, I was able to spend a couple hours outside in the sun working in my flowerbed, but then I got a really sudden headache after dinner. I've also been emotionally more balanced than normal the past few days which has been GREAT! Thank you for sharing this stuff. Keep it up 👍


Gina Maria Colvin Hill (on YouTube) called that thing a ship. She did video on it. Will check & try to find which one. Here it is: Here is another very recent one:

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