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Space Weather Update

8/1/21-Space Weather Update brought to you by Alexis of (get your email on her list if you want to stay in contact)

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🌟Solar flare data missing in the last 24 hours, coronal mass ejection in the last 24 hours, those two things usually point to a big influx. The predictive models of impact have updated and predict now less impact for the next two days than previously predicted. Schumann resonance has been active in smaller doses and the atmosphere around Cumiana Italy seems to have been very busy the last three days. Sedona AZ, has obviously been under more cosmic radiation as there’s been thunder and lightning the better half of July and now August is showing the slowing change towards autumn..

Share the passion for space weather by following raw data and many commentators, the variety of possibilities are broader in this area of study and the voices of authority are less intense, dive in and enjoy following and comparing ideas, this is your planetary experience to witness!

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