Space Weather Update - 2.28.21

Taking it easy today but wanted to keep up with the Sunday Space Weather UOsage for my loyal readers! 💖


The solar temperament has been active, the last three days I’ve witnessed medium to low level ejections from the sun, making the next three days potentially intense, but nothing alarming.

The full moon last night, Saturday has now passed so we will be back to more restful sleeping.

The Schumann resonances in Russia have been showing quiet waters with a juxtaposed pulsing background signal, until just this afternoon here in North America. Which now we see an amplification in the extremely low frequency range (0.3-13hz)

Highest amplitude was the 12.9hz hitting a 30. Those are the alpha into beta wave lengths, for the neurological side of this.

The magnetics are currently quiet, solar wind impact and Aurora is lower.

A good time to recover because Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday we may see more geomagnetic disturbances!

Here’s some images if you’d like!

These are all my own opinions, make up your own mind ❤️ I love you!


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