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Space Weather Update

September 21, 2021

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Currently...there is a #coronalmassejection exiting the sun, it seems to have been paired with a recent solar flare, and Schumann resonance amplitude conditions are increasing.

September 17, and 18, there were a lot of emissions from the sun, we’ve been riding that energy the past 48 hours but we have new shifts landing, for the next 24 hours from the flares the last 6 hours.

The #Schumannresonance or #EarthResonance is responding with increased activity, and the #Earthquakes and #volcanoes also showed the pressure Earth was under from the 17th and 18th in my opinion.

We had a #fullmoon peak last night which also provides more electromagnetic complexity to our current situation.

Some of my understandings of this are...When solar wind and particles hit our planet’s magnetic field, it compresses it, which heats the core of Earth, which changes the energies of Earth, and for the ground to release pressure, in earthquakes and volcanoes.

The Schumann shows atmospheric changes of electrical/magnetic intensity, caused by the solar emissions interacting with our ionosphere.

The atmosphere sounds caused also fall in human brainwave ranges, and tend to amplify the frequency of theta to alpha meditative peaceful harmony state.

So even though the Earth is volcanic and quaking, the vibes our brains may entrain too during this time is potentially more calm and connected to nature. Ironically. But being spiritually connected to Earth’s shifts you can stop living in fear and start seeing where and when she’s talking to us and when she’s responding to the Sun’s love blasts.

Sharing is caring,

I love you all dearly as my Earth family 🤍

Thank you for the efforts you make to find heart and brain coherence and sending peaceful loving vibes to our planetary family.

Being informed is great but we must meditate with intention to bring heart and brain coherence to our brothers and sisters amongst us here, then you will see the changes you’ve been waiting for. Have faith in your intentional powers!

See you soon 🤍

@ascensiondiaries #sunpriestess

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