Storms in many forms 10.17.21

Please go right now if you haven’t and follow my TikTok account to help me to 1k and open up my livestream privileges, here is the video I made using their tools to share space weather details with the world

Video Review: 🌞Yeah there may be a weird cloud over that spot over there according to my rain viewer app...anyways....

We are in a geomagnetic storm due to increased solar wind and geomagnetic pressure. The Schumann resonances yesterday did a very strange spike around 8am pst October 16.

The flares have calmed down but the coronal hole now facing is going to do it’s thing. Solar wind speeds right now may be around 800km/s which is pretty impressive.

My guess is people will be tired and heavy today from this, and also there’s someone messing with my rain viewer app because I’m not trying to upset anyone.

Wishing you all a great Sunday, and thanks again for helping my social media reach continue to grow and share these concepts with the hungry learners.

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