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Sunday Stream w/Alexis

Here's the link to the scheduled stream for today! I'm going to attempt one more time to use StreamYard on my old laptop and stream to 3 places. If the stream is bad I will go to plan B which should be back up and streaming moments after we stop the bad stream...then for future streams we will migrate to Restream and try their service quality until I can upgrade my computer. It's just a big pain to set up the 3 iphones to separately stream but it's a healthy backup while we wait for the next equipment to arrive!

My Instagram @ascensiondiaries will be filming the whole time so if you prefer that, just hit the notification bell on my instagram profile to be sure you get invites to the shows.

I'll keep giving warnings in the Telegram & Discord chatroom until I can better streamline these groups! ❤️

All those links to Instagram, Telegram, and Discord are here in my beautiful linktree...

My infamous Facebook Page will also attempt to stream and my Twitter, trying to reach the 15k followers there that I've been throttled from the last years...

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