Tomsk hits an 80 at 4&6AM PST


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The study I do with the #schumannresonance in a way is my autistic adhd fever dream of self discovery and expression. As a weirdo who wanted to be liked but had no idea how to embody that it’s taken many years... but when I first downloaded Instagram my entire body was jumping up and down happy and I’ve been creating content to lift the vibes and share my aesthetic since!

In my mid 20’s my aesthetic is for sure this Tomsk Russia extremely low frequency data, why? Because it’s theoretically showing me the brainwave ranges of humans and mammals being strummed like a guitar during moments of amplified global circuits... due to solar explosions, planetary magnetic fields, and consciousness itself...

This study has raised the bar on my personal processing speed and potential with consciousness itself.

Another part of my aesthetic is Mary Jane the medicine grandmother her self who is a master In her movements!

Another part is Gaia herself, becoming her daughter and becoming sisters with all women born here and to all beings born here. The conscious understanding of the mycelium with grandfather helps weave it all together and show the balance within it all. I care deeply for the shamanic path as it’s who I see with my personal down time self. The shaman the psychic the Oracle the medicine woman. It’s too much to bear it all sometimes so I made a diary, there’s a chance it’ll be a book of so many days, if I ever care to become organized enough. The birds just have way more fun sometimes lol and the fishes! Let’s go swimming... into the vibes of August 10! What a glorious dayyy I feel it in my psychic old lady bones yall. Don’t get me started with how weird and hilarious I think I am too, just look up Aquarius moons and Gemini south node 😘🍃

It’s a process, a raw process of sharing my deepest running monologue like an author can and simply having my thoughts to inform the collective as my little pieces of the cosmic puzzle. They burst forth, you, Consenting to every letter you peer on right now, it’s a glorious sovereign light code into your side of the tree of life. Poetry🥺


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