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X Class Flare Today

July 3, 2021 💥#solarflare

X Class flares are in the highest class publicly known. This flare is the lowest range of the X “class” and was recorded a couple hours ago around 14:30UTC

Check picture two, see the flash in the top right of the sun? That may have been it! The impact zone of this x-ray energy seems to be the entirety of the East coast of the Americas, and slight west Coast of Africa.

The Russian chart shows an increased amplitude in the #schumannresonance range of frequencies. Which are a set of about 6 notes that underly Earth’s specific surface frequencies.

I’m super excited to see an X class, it’s the first one of Solar Cycle 25, I believe this means there’s a big adjustment being made and I wonder how it’ll manifest in our lives today.

I currently don’t have any symptoms and I did wake up when this happened but rolled over and slept two more hours lol

I’m also caring for two abandoned Robin babies and they’re doing fine this morning too. All is well here, how’s it going there?

Also final note, Jayse my husband and host of The Great Family of Light gathering is going to be on the Journey to Truth Podcast on YouTube tonight at 7pm cst. With our speaker Zen God!

I know Jayse and Zen God will be talking about our event but also what they’re bringing there, which in this case will be some conversation on decentralized crypto opportunities and passive income opportunities that are populating all over this new age of financial utility. Please enjoy their passion and get to know some of our speakers for the event this July 23! on Instagram to keep up! is the mailing list And passes area.

Tell your family about the X class, although I’m surprised to be feeling no symptoms this is still a momentous day of science!

Much love,

Alexis of IG @ascensiondiaries

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