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XClass Flare Today (Download SpaceWeatherLive App)

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We are expecting the impact on Saturday to be the most “dense” but we’ve received the high vibes already and I had a great day.

When I went to the mountain top on October 22 they were spraying the skies and preparing for something bigger than I’ve seen in a while. The last 72 hours have been solar flare heavy like I’ve never seen during my study so far.

I’ve been more heavily watching this the last 3 years, because the Schumann resonances get stoked the same time…what I’m seeing here is a weird quiet period on the Russian Schumann charts which may just be spliced in there instead of a blackout for all I know.

X-Class flares are rare but make sense for this stage of the solar cycle according to the popular science I’ve seen.

Feel the blessings come down and enjoy the lessons you learn and thwart those old bad habits. Every improvement is a win 🥇

Please download spaceweatherlive the app and get the notifications so we can be informed together :) link at top of article ^

much love!


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