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1.28.21 Full Moon Schumann

Hello! Guess what! #schumannresonance is currently being tickled over Russia. 0-36hz are being stimulated, with a particular strength on 36hz, which is unique. the primary Schumann Resonance, 7.83hz hit an amplitude of 41 around 1pm mountain time (gmt-7).

Today is a full moon, means extra effort to sleep and wear silver to block the energy overload!

Random Schumann Intel:

I just watched a video suggesting the shutting down if cern in 2018 was a takeover and correction project to stimulate the ionosphere back to natural levels. I distinctly remember when this happened I cried in relief, knowing that at the cern threat was in different operation status during 2018 when the charts were wild. Now the blackouts could be times where these big correction pulses are being delivered to help the issues previously caused.

This validated a lot of what I had been seeing.

The Sun and Magnetic field look decently quiet but there’s definite hints of stimulation in our atmospheric frequencies. What is the cause? Yes.

Happy to share!


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29 Ιαν 2021

Hello 👋 I don't fully understand this, although it feels good to read and would love to learn more. I don't know if I can make tomorrow's class as I'm super sensitive to energy ATM and finding anything more than text a tad overwhelming to the senses, but hopefully that will ease off soon. I'll get my tin foil out in the meantime 😅💚🙏✨

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