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25 Answers: Schumann Resonance & Space Weather

If you would like to join future classes and support my work do sign up for the $1 Monthly Mana January Special Membership, or the $11 Mega Mana and $40 Personal Reading monthly memberships:

Visit the video and check the description box below it for the links I use for gathering the data on space weather, and please feel welcome share the video with your audiences, friends, and family!

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I post the classes for free so this work isn't a large "money harvesting" endeavour for me but it's the only work I do as it takes all my time to support the community, field questions, host livestreams, and report on these phenomena for thousands of people. I am alway supported by generous Angels I cross paths with and you're one of them! I appreciate being a real grassroots person helping my peers better understand this popular and confusing topic.

Please enjoy the latest class I have created

"25 Answers: Schumann Resonance and Space Weather Class"

Here's to free and healthy education for all,


Alexis of Ascension Diaries

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