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Blackout Schumann News!

Big day! The Tomsk Russia Schumann Resonance and emf website “blacked-out” a white-hot amplitude blast hours after people saw the data and shared it. This to me is ✨heaven-sent✨ and I’ll tell you why.

In this civilian science social media world I’ve brought this concept to many people and some also decided they’ll copy me and then claim stuff that I completely disagree with. One of these events is when blackouts occur. I’ve had people running to me asking if we completely blinked in and out of existence during these blackouts because of things they’ve read from other accounts...

As a scientist this can be hard because that shit is hard to prove with one website graph on the internet.

BUT! My personal theory and the popular theory is that these blackouts are often data blackouts, to hide higher energy readings from the awaiting public. This is the first bit of proof I’ve gotten that this is a potential. The blackouts are almost never added after the website publishes readings. They don’t publicly redact hours after a release, because that’s sloppy when you’re trying to keep operational security and maintain control and trust.

This to me, after years of watching and astral school, is an obvious GIFT. Although the data is now hidden, it showed us way more than these charts have have in years. (The best year of blasts was 2018 imo)

It shows that these charts are being observed and edited. Something I’ve seen evidence of but rarely get proof of.

This will wake people up to the false and misleading efforts in space weather and all science data in the world. Showing that it is done and it is effective to subduing public response. For some reason this was the day to expose this truth to many thousands of people who witnessed this...

But I’d like to give a heartfelt THANK YOU! Большое спасибо! to the Russian site and those running it for this glimpse into the truth and lesson of discernment.

I googled a way to thank you in Russian because I’m that’s real.

Now I appreciate this gift, but I now must command that you do not remove any of the raw data you post online so we may all operate with confidence in space weather public service

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