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LET’S PARTY! The Great Family Of Light Gathering! July 23-25, Sedona.

Hi everyone! Amazing news in case you haven’t heard... Jayse my husband and I are throwing our very first Conference/Gathering/Party!

Very intimate venue, about 86 people can join and it’ll be hosted at the Sedona Creative Life Center in Sedona, AZ. July 23-25!!

Get your pass here right now!

WE ARE CURRENTLY DOING A FREE TICKET GIVE AWAY & if you buy a ticket but win the draw we will reimburse you!

or Instagram Page , and help share this photo and tag the page you followed on either or both platforms!

This is a real heartfelt event for the family of light to come together and enjoy their summer again!

We cherish your light and look forward to the laughs, smiles, and dancing we will share together. Much love! Alexis & Jayse

Get your pass here right now!

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