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Space Weather Update

May 27, 2021

IM TIRED. Sore from hiking these portals to hoist out these old energies before this blast showed up. That statement the frequencies are rising is not accurate English in my opinion, it’s about amplitude of the frequencies. Please look up amplitude if you don’t know it, that should have been something they taught you in school.

The blast we see that cooked us Western Hemisphere people all night, Eastern hemisphere all day, in high amplitude, extremely low frequency earth emf

The range of brainwaves was broader from sleeping to active beta waves but the Schumann being the loudest was actually vibrating slightly slower than average. So deeper slower Earth resonance got loud and proud.

Take the advice I have as a veteran of this and chill, stretch, bathe, get celery juice or other greens in there, eat foods that are mostly water (fruit), don’t push yourself, this is bigger than you and your ego’s schedule and that’s the whole lesson here. We cannot overpower our planet, we must get into her rhythm. The more you fight the faster your dna will break. Evolution is real and rapidly happening. We are extremely adaptable beings, very sensitive, and smart. Don’t let the stupid media convince you otherwise. Confidence is key here.

If you’re new here please let me know, and tell me the symptoms you’ve seen the last 48 hours that you don’t understand the source of.

Look up electromagnetic fields, the carrington event, and the photon belt.

Don’t be shy, if you’re here, you’re meant to know.

Most Earth problems go away when you realize you’re in a massive electrical and magnetic system that entrains us and the matrix system has tried to detach you into a false vibration. You’re coming back from that and the adjustment is tough but you’re gonna make it work for you as long as your soul needs to.

Tell your dang friends and family, if there was a tornado or avalanche near your house you’d probably talk about it. These are more important than those types of events due to the size and global effect. Get yourself focused on the real drama of our environment, and the suffering will have a greater purpose!

It’s the only inspirational content I need to keep improving my health and connection to Earth.

Much love!


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