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Special Sunday Livestream with Elemental Card Messages. A welcome gift for website members!

This is the Youtube channel version of this video I streamed Sunday January 3, it has a poor quality unfortunately but the message is very heartfelt! I share 4 different readings to represent the influence of the 4 elements on your life.

Those of you who know your astrology can apply these messages to your corresponding Zodiac sign element (ex. Libra=Air)

I will be ordering an ethernet cord and adapter for my computer to by-pass my wifi upload speeds, the total price will be $70 and should arrive on January 8th. If you could help me pay for this equipment upgrade please send a donation here

I also recorded this stream on my instagram page as a backup.

Follow this link to hear it clearer from that source if you prefer.

Here are the pictures of the cards I got for each element for your further inspection!

Scroll down to the bottom of this post to see and purchase the decks I used with my Amazon affiliate link.

1. Fire Element!

2. Water Element

3. Earth Element

4. Air Element

Here are the decks I used! I will get a 10% commission if you buy them using these links

and here is the link to the birthing deck available on Etsy, Mama Luminous: Birth Affirmation Cards and Meditation Book

☀️ Wishing you all so much love and support this year!

Thank you for subscribing to my blog to help these readings reach a lot more people. I'm already getting great responses to the messages, I love what I do.

Thank you Patrons & Members for helping me make this blog website a reality!

This is officially the first Ascension Diaries post of the site!

If you'd like to see our selection of clothing, and fulgurite lightning crystals please visit our store at

💝 Much love and Respect,

Alexis of Ascension Diaries

Feel free to share this post!

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Shea Avery
Shea Avery
12 sept. 2021

Thankss for sharing this

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